Always a hacker, never a hack

I'm just another web developer / stand-up comedian looking to ship great code for a great company

My Projects

Here is a sample of projects I have worked on recently.


TeamSlap is a sports application allowing users to create and manage leagues and teams. Players can indicate their availability for each game and managers can create starting lineups from available players by dragging their names to avilable, custom positions.

Powered by Ruby on Rails, AJAX and jQuery UI.

Flappy Blue

This game was inspired by a wildly popular game (also made by a Nguyen) featuring a flapping bird. Built using HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript, and CSS


A classic game rebuilt for the web browser using React.js.

I'm A Huge Fan

App built for Comedy Hack Day that lets you discreetly generate talking points about movies or music so you can keep up with conversations you know nothing about.

Event finalist, won prize for Best Use of Intel Mashery APIs.

About Me

Across multiple disciplines, I have learned to adapt quickly and consistently perform under pressure.

I am a web developer with experience in Rails and Javascript, along with a background in math, philosophy, and stand-up comedy (see résumé).

I am currently looking for a position as a front-end, back-end, or full-stack web developer at a company that fosters a challenging environment where I would be solving exciting problems and shipping code often.

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San Francisco, CA


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